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Buyer's FAQ

ANPMP Vendors platform is being nurtured to become one of the largest Medical Vendors Platform driven by a Medical Association to buy and sell high-quality online Medical consumables as direct sales from the manufacturers, wholesalers, Authorized Distributors and Retailers or products and services to Medical facilities. Working with ANPNP Vendors Platfrom will help you source and purchase medical consumables listed on our platform. Our online Medical Marketplace platform offers

No, we do not offer any financing as of today but we can happily refer to our financial Partners who deal in loans and finance for Medical Facilities and Professionals.

Yes, absolutely. you will be in direct touch with the seller to perform the due-diligence before making a purchase.

As an Online Medical Marketplace facilitating high-value deals, Our goal is to create an enabling environment for both buyers/sellers to connect and engage in business relationships. We do not get directly involved in commercial transactions, not end-user products or service delivery.

However, our team will help you understand the process and will be sure to remain in contact even during the listing period via email or phone.

While we do some rough diligence on business before listing it on our Medical Marketplace to make sure it offers the best ROI for buyers, all buyers are still encouraged to do their due-diligence while making decisions on purchasing a particular business.

You will be offered an exclusive 7-21 days (or more) due diligence period with the seller. In this period, you will be expected to investigate the business thoroughly before active engagement.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not procure, source, or recommend preference vendors to end users. It is unprofessional and against our business policy to engage in such. However we will do our very best to help on a case-per-case basis if there are grey areas encountered while using our Online Medical Vendors platform As a buyer, it will be your responsibility to handle all the procurement and commercial end-to-end exclusively.

Post-sales training is outside our business scope. However, we do advise discussing the post-training with the seller if it’s needed during the pre-sales project meetings. Where applicable, kindly ensure that training will cover everything on how to run and operate your new Equipment, Device, or tools. Ensure that the asset purchased agreement is signed between the buyer and seller.

There is no success fee for the buyer’s side. The success fee is payable from the seller as an intrinsic annual subscription once the business is listed and activated on our online platform. We do not charge per transaction not involved in any hidden charges.

All deals are secured via payments that are seller-dependent. Please check about all possible payment options from the seller’s store.

Seller's FAQ

Product value is usually determined by many factors which include product volume, revenue numbers, registered users, cash flow, current market trends, and how quickly a buyer can get his return on investment. Please note that the price suggested by our valuation experts is always optional. You can always set the price of your choice. However, we recommend you to place a reasonable price that is attractive as this is a direct sell to the end user. It means that the price shouldn’t be too low or too high as compared to the open market price.

No, All business valuations you receive from us are 100% Free, even if you choose not to sell your business with us.

ANPMP Vendors does not charge vendors per product or service sold. Our business model is flexible and we offer an annual subscription fee to vendors regardless of the size of the organization. A vendor’s product and service category will determine their annual subscription rather than the size of the transaction.

To accept or reject a vendor for listing is always a tough decision. We receive many types of vendor requests daily. However, to help maintain the quality of our platform, we have designed a basic criterion for onboarding vendors onto our platform.

Being a designated Medical marketplace for online businesses, we work hard to maintain the quality and ethics of our service. We aim to present high-quality and authentic businesses in front of our buyers. As a result, we can’t accept all the vendors submitted to us for enlistment. In addition, we offer a value-add service to validate vendors who want to earn our “Verified” logo. To help improve our selection, we carry out a rigorous screening process where we examine the quality of a particular business product and service offering.

In addition to this, we may look at certain other things too. We may reject a business we deem unfit for our Medical Marketplace or if we don’t have the buyer pool for their business niche.

ANPMP Vendors is an established Association of Medical Professionals, focused on regular procurement of medical solutions, supplies, and other consumables. This platform provides direct sales to the end user without any add-on cost to the seller for marketing and related pre-sale associated costs. Once a user is interested in your medical product or service listing, they initiate contact via the portal and business opportunities are initiated.

Our buyers’ list includes a range of Medical professionals dedicated to working within the private medical sector from different specialties. It could be any Medical professional or Medical facility that wants to restock its medical supplies and consumables.

Yes, absolutely. One of the goals of our platform is to develop a mutual business relationship between the buyers and sellers that will add value to both stakeholders.

As a dedicated Medical Marketplace facilitating high-value deals, we help buyers/sellers at every step throughout the sales process without directly getting involved with the commercial. Just for the record, we are not involved in the price negotiation nor commercial transactions of any sales-related event via the platform. However, our team will help you understand the process and will remain in contact even on weekends during the listing period via email, skype, or phone. You will be supported until the deal is successfully closed. We do not get involved with commercial transactions for any product sold or service rendered to the end user.

ANPMP Vendor Platform offers the vendors/seller and straightforward listing process with inexpensive annual subscription fees. We aim to provide transparency for both buyers and sellers without complicating things. Listing requirements and the associated cost depends on the category the vendor/seller is classified for enlistment.

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